Faceted Classification

Image “The World”

Image “The World” & quote by areejarba

Have you visited Amazon or maybe you visited Wikipedia, did you wonder how do they classify their data ?

Let’s know one thing !

  • Their data is huge
  • Their users search very differently

If human race can agree on a one thing it will be we are different each one of us think from a perspective or may I say for many proposes facets, thou Arabic saying states that:” Pleasing all people is an unreachable goal”  Technology field have a different opinion. The question remains how can you classify data that no matter who is searching, you can actually make them pleased.

Let me explain in an example You want to buy Jewelry, how do you search that?

Maybe you would want to search by type earring bracelet ..etc or maybe not, maybe by material gold, sliver, diamonds, gems, or pearls or you know what I want something for a special occasion like a weddings or graduation. Now that’s some of what jewelry users might search by imagine millions of users.

Imagine if you classified your content based on one system what will happen then??  Imagine one more time if you have a classification system that is classified based on a various facets and user can choose from them and in both just think of the availability, accessibility, and navigation of your content.

What’s Faceted Classification?

Faceted classification is multiple classifying ”break down” for an object into facets based on systematic combination and collectively exhaustive characteristics. Faceted classification allowing searching and browsing through several classes.
Why use faceted classification?
Need for effective classification, organization navigation and discovery for the growth digital objects in the web. And  Users need to filter content using multiple taxonomy terms at the same time. And You want to clearly show users what subject areas are the most comprehensive on your site. why is this statement is green?
In a faceted classification system, Collect items based on specific set of attributes, a item is classified under one heading from each facet that applies to it. Tag your content with a specific set of attributes. You then provide different arrangements and sorting of the content based on those attributes.


77% of sites using faceted classification provided faceted navigation, but no facet-based advanced search
6% of sites using faceted classification provided a facet-based advanced search or “gift finder,” but no faceted navigation.
17% of sites provided both faceted navigation and a facet-based advanced search or gift finder.
69% of sites made at least some use of faceted classification
Technical writing … an issue to think about 
I have to say through reading about the topic I came across through browsing  an important question answered by Tom Johnson. As we saw there’s a variety of faceted classification on the web. ” Why don’t we borrow more of these faceted navigation models to provide alternative organization systems for our help content?” He answers: ” Why is it that, despite the abundance of these alternative navigation systems, most technical writers still stick with a traditional topic-based, hierarchical folders? In contrast to many sites on the web, the organizational structure of most online help files hasn’t changed in 20 years.
Interested? Want more resources? ask me I will be happy to provide them for you 🙂

Why Should I?

I read this quote: ” For every person who wants to teach there are approximately thirty people who don’t want to learn–much. “ ~W. C. Sellar and R. J. Yeatman.

I knew I’ve to write this!

We live in a world where things and people are forced on us, for many different reasons. I don’t want to be another figure in somebody’s life who is a cliché authority listing instructions with no understanding.

Why should I? I know you have asked yourself and people many and many times this question, simply because, I am just like you, asking this always.

Why should I? actually you shouldn’t do anything at all. I believe there is no “should” except for the should list you make for yourself.

Allah (God) has place us here to do certain things but think little bit, couldn’t the powerful Allah (God) force you to do them all! of course he could but instead, he give human being something all living things don’t own a mind that can choose. Allah (God) believes in the beauty of the free will.

I want you to choose to learn, I want you to choose your interests.

Why should you? Means you need a trigger, a reason or a purpose. It means you are normal and your brain is actually working, it asks you to motivate it. So do it!

Never deny your brain the right to know why but at the same time don’t let it take you too far, if you didn’t do any should’s, you won’t reach your destination.

Yes, sometimes there are some should’s we don’t like but remember these will guide you to your bigger picture. Remember also someone somewhere following your should’s. You Should always learn everything once, if you like it go deeper” that’s my should.

Confession of a Soldier

Why is the youth of our homeland wish to travel away and never come back? Why is it thou we are locked inside what they call “Normal life”, “what we should be living and accepting”, and “the way life is” we starve nothing but to break free? Is it really ingratitude or is it something else?

I asked myself million times, why aren’t we able to love the homeland no matter what and if else, just like the old generations. They didn’t have to go through what we are going through.

It is like not loving our own mother, you don’t tell anyone about it, not even yourself, because you are afraid of who you are, and how you feel. You are afraid telling yourself if I didn’t love my own mother, my own homeland, am I not the ultimate betrayer?

And thou people will throw you with stones and call you every bad name in the book. This is not the cause of the aching that eats you within in at night, It is because you have betrayed yourself. If you couldn’t love your own mother or your own homeland what would that make you?

The ungrateful child, the ungrateful citizen needs to tell you his darkest thought of the day. Here’s my thought about wars, it is a big lie. They send you to fight for your country and all you do is killing other citizens but no worries as long as they are not your country’s citizens. They are somebody else, who doesn’t care. While the loving rich citizens back home living happily ever after.

I no longer belong to a country, I no longer belong to a nation, I belong to the conflict. I belong to the united nations of sorrow and sadness, because the common theme here is the pain.

I traveled the world let me tell you what I saw, blood is red everywhere in the world, mothers are the same, the brothers, the sisters, the houses and the memories, the laughter and the tears are the same. We all are in the same category and thou I might be today at the top of food chain tomorrow doesn’t seems to be good the echoes of our actions will hunt us. The are eating, drinking, eventually they will learn to read a book or learn to use a gun or even held a stone and throw us with it. Someday they will knock the door. We might call these echoes terrorists and they might be but who made them that who visited their countries with guns, bombs, and war crafts.

Let’s be responsible for our actions for once, the ego of the leading nation should step aside  and know these terrorists, these barbarians, these low lives are people were less lucky and we have participate it in that.

So you see how loving your homeland becomes tricky sometimes.

Homeland is place you have in it peaceful mental state, if that achieved between me and my country with death I am willing to go the extra mile.

God Bliss Homeland, God Bliss the victims and soldiers


Note: This is pure Fiction



Image "Blue Season" by areejarba

Image “Blue Season” by areejarba

I am longing for something to happen to me, something changes me, excites me, the out of my skin experience, too dust boredom away. Simply to feel alive and not miss a beat.

But nothing ever happens; I tried what they call presuming your dreams, and believing in if it is not happening do something, make it happen. I have been to places, made the conversations, and prepare myself for the grand event.

Only to find out this is not in my hands as they told me, what got me confused into believing them was that I didn’t know what was it so I believed anything I believed out of desperation I can’t tell you which is worst to believe in a lie or to believe in nothing so I vote them both

What I want is something I long for with all what I have and longing there’s nothing to do if you are longing even if it embrace you still you feel empty Do you know how awkward is it to be a piece of wood in somebody’s arms to look them in the eye and has nothing to say really because you don’t feel anything.

And you think of that longing again that if it is right, it will fill the hole in your soul but could you recognize what you are yearning for if you didn’t know it at all

I lied to you because in all the scenes my true lines were always off. I couldn’t disappoint the audience, I simply couldn’t.

I love you yes I do but it is not enough. I am sorry that you are not what I long for, you are not the love under my skin, I am sorry I don’t think of you when I hear a love song, I only think of me and my sorrow. Poor is the love which is a lover’s sorrow is the obstacle.

The more you pressure me, the more I seem to understand what I long for. The more you try to make me see you, clearer the image of what I really want appear.

I don’t see your face in other faces the truth is all faces looks the same to me. I have to tell you it is about me. Away from your shadow, your arms, your words I want to be, I want my own shadow, my own arms and words I want to understand myself not for it to be explained to me

I might be confused, I might be even mistaken, and I might even lose you but I can’t help it or deal with it with reason, me and reason we haven’t been much of friends since I am the owner of a dead heart the only living feeling inside it is longing to the unknown.

Ears and Mouth

Image "gossiping" by areejarba

Image “gossiping” by areejarba



I’ve been reading about integrity, and what does it mean to be a person with integrity. I couldn’t help it but remembering something I did long time ago, something cost me a lot, my integrity. Many people think of integrity as a virgin, it takes one slip to go to the other side, but that’s not how I define my integrity for the seek of myself and my friends.

With girls, in order to have an honest, pure and free-jealousy friendship is a very hard to accomplish, thou we girls bond so easily this bonding going into the depth of oneself come with a price of being exposed.

So let me tell you about my “something”, when I first entered college, it was my first interaction with the world away from family, I was naive, spontaneous and I wanted to be liked desperately, because of that and without knowing I put myself in the worst place a girl could ever be, between two groups of girls who hated each other, but both liked me I was happy about it I thought to myself I am playing it cool,  little did I know that I was a naive girl surrounded by advanced players.

Not only did I place myself in the middle but I fall into the temptation of gossiping!! Believe or not before I didn’t really know or value gossiping I always speak honestly to those I didn’t like making them know where they stand with me. Such virtue in the nest of gossiping girls is deadly.

Gossiping to girls wasn’t “Oh what a horrible dress she is wearing” but rather was like the quote stated “Information is a power” the more you know and the much more you can tie things together was a way to knock down your competitors. It seems silly then and still is, the only difference is now I know.

You see group A were the poplar girls, the social butterflies everybody liked and despised, Group B were the wanna be poplar girls everybody thought are they really?! I didn’t care much for this I liked them.

I slipped and told someone in group A about B and she use it against her, but actually the girl in group A hasn’t reveled my name so doubts weren’t exactly surrounding me but I couldn’t held it inside me.

So I went to girl in group B and told her that it was me who told girl A and I have no excuse and I ask for forgiveness some of my friends call it most stupid thing I ever did.

She forgive me and yes just like you readers I thought to myself she was an angle and a friend to keep forever. she forgive me my mistake which girls usually don’t but I was such short-sighted. She forgive me and invited me to her group but it wasn’t out of her kind heart she did it so I can be close enough with no protection so I can punished the way she thought I deserve it.

She tricked me, used my good nature against me and naturally I fall into it for a 2 years I lived in College the worst time of my life. Gossip and whispers about me.  Moreover, staining my name. You can’t believe how a college filled with students could be so small when you are the daily news.

Today after 4 years,  I tell you I didn’t regret telling her the truth at all because I learned so much. I learned not to given into temptation, to honor those who give me their confidence, not to believe quickly, to know human are not what they say or even do but rather human are what they aim.

Because thou I told her secret I never aimed her but well on the contrary, she forgive me but she never aimed me well, I also learned to be liked means nothing, absolutely nothing, to be trusted is greater compliment than to be liked. I learned to stay original and authentic is the greatest gift of all.

Today I am one of the best students of my class; many people love me more importantly they respect me. I grown into may I say a woman with integrity not a girl seeks approval.

To Girl A, I thank you for what you did.

To Girl B, I am forever grateful for what you did, because I was before in your debt now you are in mine.

Therefore, integrity is no virgin. We all at many points of our lives fall, sin, and do wrong but it is how we raise, fix, and pay the debts, which make us own integrity.


Image "Rosy Autumn" by areejarba

Image “Rosy Autumn” by areejarba

It has always fascinated me how our opinions very different it almost separate us apart but somehow these opinions come from the same place.

It has always fascinated me how those who call themselves minority bullied majority for being majority because they are so afraid they will be bullied. Then you have this layered story were the victim end up to be the criminal.

It has always fascinated me how we fail to express no matter how out spoken we are when we talk about how we truly feels. Silent becomes the master of our tongue thou words would help the situation greatly.

It has always fascinated me how people view the world through a very tiny red hole everything seems sexual and irritated to them somehow they never ask for a window or at least a bigger hole!

It has always fascinated me how I write a lot, talk a lot, seems to know a lot, and at the end I know myself so little.

 It has always fascinated me how bias I can be to rationalize my cases in front of my imaginary moral judge, how ethics seems to be flexible as a yoga teacher when needed.

It has always fascinated me how can some people just leave with no goodbyes, no words, and no closure, but when they come back they talk with you like they never left. It has always fascinated me how they assume you still that same person after all these years.

It has always fascinated me Life itself, I never seems to really understand it, my religion teacher says we will never do life is only a stop along the way thou so long, my physics teacher says on contrary life is easy to understood if you used the right equation.

It has always fascinated me how right and wrong both of them are.

We travel through this life wondering, asking, answering, and seeking what we all call “the truth” but somehow each one of us find a different angel to view truth from.

In any other topic I would have said each one has his\her own kind of truth but no, not truth.

Truth is always the same to everyone that why we all depend on it.

It can’t be changed, can’t be tempted, alerted, or even twisted that what millions of people died for, what million of victims living on the hope of that one single pure truth for everyone. I will never deny such right and I will never deny such truth

Fairy Tales

Image “Fairy Tales” by areejarba

Image “Fairy Tales” by areejarba

When we were little, we read fairy tales and loved them. We were both innocent and naive world still haven’t give us all the manuals of its dark ways.

As we grow older, we left the fairy tales, because they diverse from the reality greatly, the good ones don’t seems to win, and saying the truth gets you only in troubles.

 Instead, we found methods that are dark and poisoned and fitting to the pain, those individuals are called adults.

While some remain naive and innocent. Expecting good from world and others unconditionally, letting the world hit them again and again, slap over a slap ,they get depressed while reading fairy tales with tears in their eyes asking themselves:”why don’t they  match their reality?”.

But those who discovered the real solution are not what they call themselves “adults” or those who their time machine got stuck in childhood.
They are who recognize the need to change the world into a fairy tale, rather than expecting the world to be one, they have to play their parts and believe in the ending thou it may not be happy.

Because they are the real adults and they know that thou their story didn’t fulfill their expectations and personal purposes, they are just one story of many stories and not all ending of stories are happy they accept such fact as a result they discover thou not happy their ending was magical, insightful and changing to others, the realize they got a different type of happiness. The happiness of others

Roots & Branches

image 'green" by areejarba

image ‘green” by areejarba

I am still not sure what I want to be .but I made it until now to know what I don’t want to be. I don’t want to be a jewel, if it means I’m off sights. I don’t want to be a pearl, if it means a Sailor will never find my shell. I don’t want to be a lady, if it means I will be denied the pleasure of screaming my lungs out when I’m angry. I don’t want to be yours, if it means I’ll have to follow your instructions and rules. Don’t make me sign on the contract & your hidden rules behind it. I barely understand the contract.

Don’t devise the obvious that I’m rebel or stubborn or that I don’t respect in my nation and traditions. Because, I do respect them and part of me believe in them and defend them even.
I just don’t have them in writing in my notebook with me, wherever I face a situation I don’t open the notebook and act on it. I follow my own logic; I know you thought I’m going to say:” I follow my heart” this is why you know less of me.

 I’m not the type the follows her heart. I follow a mentality, developed through thoughts along with emotions experiences. My logic which is illogical to you and to many.
I want from myself to be free, to feel it and enjoy it and I want from others non-judgmental opinions and free checking background eyes.
Judge what’s in front of you, not what’s behind what’s in front of you, because thou what’s behind me is part of me, it is not me. You insult my development, my journey, my story, and me when missing dots in a novel measure its quality.

I believe in my roots and I love them. They are roots and I’m branch, a branch can’t bury itself in the ground along with the roots, just because, roots born me into life.

I have to live in my own certain way, a branch hugging wind, and carrying a bird.

Someday I will be a root, so I’m not speeding the clock!

The Purple Apple

“The high peak of knowledge is perfect self-knowledge.” Richard of Saint-Victor

I have always wanted to please others and been a perfectionist . I guess it goes long back ago, my family always pushed to be “the A+ girl” I guess all families do the differences are two: how hard they push you? And how you take it?

Well, they pushed hard and I embraced it! When I was young I wanted excellent, The 1st on my class and A+ student. Maybe not always I got that but it was a way to define myself.

This is the self I lived with almost forever.

A girl like that has a hard time accepting a B+ or someone not liking what she does because all she thinks is I have been told A+B=C and I did it with my best.

I referring to myself in a past tense because, I learned I will not always have the claps I deserve, some people won’t like what I present or even me because simply I’m an apple they like oranges. I learned that it’s okay to be an apple and it’s their right to like oranges.

Thou when writing it seems so simple and right in reality it is a whole different feeling.

I love what I do so much and I know I am good at it. I think I can go no wrong and I do go no wrong but I go too right, the road is a straight line.

Sometimes you give it your absolute best but your best isn’t what is required!

It is no longer about right and wrong, good or bad but it is about “the prospective” whether the answers I give are the “right” ones or not.

People want you to give them the answers they think are right, not what you think right!

Whenever making a project for an instructor, I have to write what he\she expect, their prospective of the matter if I wanted A+ and I won’t hold it against them they do this without knowing.

So my question is which is better getting A+ or deliver a work that reflect you, your way of thinking they way you held the ball in your hands, even if it was not perfect!

I am struggling I want it all to be honest I want someone who understand me get my prospective because I want for this prospective to grow how would it grow if I present other people prospective.

Someone told me Areej Don’t be so ideal! Deliver in college what will get you A+ graduate and then do whatever you want.

What if things didn’t change to get ahead in my job I need to “not be” what if I lost myself to get ahead.

Someone replies: Be manipulative! Be smarter! find a way and you may not present a work that looks like u but the achievement will be you.

I still have no exclusive answer that satisfies both parties but I’m excited and happy because, finally, a battle for one of the keys to adulthood at least for me! A battle worth the sweat and blood shed.

All what I’m sure of is said in this quote: “Don’t take anything personally. Nothing others do is because of you. What others say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own dream. When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you won’t be the victim of needless suffering.” – by Don Miguel Ruiz

It is like this …

Image "The Purple Apple" by areejarba

Image “The Purple Apple” by areejarba


I’m a purple apple! This is what shock people about me.

Apples are known and common fruit they have three colors red, yellow and green ,but purple are not a normal shade for apples, it would make it strange and not acceptable to some at first to others forever.

Some will hold this apple thinking what the hell this is!!

While others will held it and say: “Magical”

It’s the prospective again, their own this time 😉